Janssen can provide information and resources on the prior authorization (PA) process to help your patients get started on their prescribed Janssen medication.

CoverMyMeds is a third-party service provider whose standard process allows for the secure electronic communication of prior authorization information between providers, payers and pharmacies through their online portal.

Janssen has entered into a contract with CoverMyMeds to further streamline the PA process for SYMTUZA® by:

  • Allowing pharmacies to initiate PA requests to providers upon Rx rejection. PA forms with patient and provider demographic information, prescription information, and insurance information may be sent by participating pharmacies to providers for completion.
  • Alerting the provider that the medication requires a PA. As with the CoverMyMeds standard process, the provider can then select the appropriate PA form for their completion.

*CoverMyMeds does not fill out any information that requires the medical judgement of the prescriber, and only the prescriber can determine whether to submit a prior authorization for a determination.